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Wind Of Change – Teaser Trailer

Wind Of Change – teaser trailer from DeLoachfilms on Vimeo.

In 1901 on a backwater Texas hill, the world’s largest “gusher” erupted. After Spindletop, Texas and America would never be the same. Texas oil supplied the fuel for US led victories in World War I and World War II and enabled economic growth unprecedented in US history. More than 100 years later the Lone Star State is making energy history again—in a most unexpected way. Texas remains the nation’s number one producer of oil and gas and the sixth largest producer of coal, and it’s 26 refineries still account for a quarter of the country’s refining capacity. As a result its air quality ranks amongst the worst in the region, and its greenhouse gas emissions dwarf those of all other states. (If Texas were a country, it would be the world’s 7th largest emitter of CO2, considered the main cause behind man-made climate change.) But this overwhelmingly republican state also leads the nation in a sector widely regarded as one of the most pivotal to America’s economic and ecological future: green power.

In just ten years Texas has become the largest generator of wind energy in the US. In fact, it has nearly twice as much wind power installed as California and Iowa combined, its closest competitors. And: Thanks to a bipartisan political push, Texas is expanding its green resources aggressively with the largest renewable energy infrastructure project in North America. This stunning development was made possible in part by such unlikely heroes of renewable energy as Enron and George W. Bush. But it all started with one simple reason that has nothing to do with global warming or other concerns for the environment that are being touted by green energy proponents elsewhere in the world. In Texas the reason was money.

“Wind of Change” will reveal the story of the individuals leading the renewable energy revolution in Texas. The growth of wind power in the Lone Star State, fueled by hard dollars, is a harbinger of the renewable energy age, which gaining momentum in the unlikeliest of places: a red state with a black environmental history.

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